Using iChat from Lancaster

How I configured iChat to use the web proxy on Lancaster University’s Resnet.

How I configured iChat to use the web proxy on Lancaster University’s Resnet. Quite easy, really. You’re welcome to refer to this article.

First of all, I opened iChat and chose Preferences from the iChat menu and clicked on the Accounts icon. Yours should look a bit like this.

iChat Preferences window

If the Server Options is greyed out, go offline and open the preferences again. Check the box to enable Rendezvous messaging, it lets you talk directly with people who have iChat and are on resnet. Click on the button. Change the values in the dialog so it looks like this:

iChat Server Options

In particular, make sure the AIM Service port is set to 443 and the protocol is set to HTTPS. Click OK, close the window and connect!

12 thoughts on “Using iChat from Lancaster”

  1. So google thinks this page is about iChat sex. It all started when a spammer posted a comment here. I usually delete them but when I found out Google thought I was the reference for iChat sex, I decided to leave it. It has since been removed.

    I have no idea of what people look for when they enter ‘iChat sex’ in google. If this is how you landed here, you could try or I haven’t tried them, that’s just what google found.

    Just out of curiosity, I would really like to hear what you expected to find here :).

  2. Great help. Brilliant. But I’d like to use iChatAV with my girlfriend in Lancaster. The audio connection isn’t working. Any suggestions?

  3. I have emailed the Lancaster network people to get iChat to work, with very little success so far. They are quite unhelpful.

    My friend in LA and I used Skype the other day, it works quite nicely. The new Mac OS X version is here.

  4. Guillaume Rischard,

    I was wondering if you were still able to use skype on your res network at Lancaster University. A friend of mine just went there and we are looking for some way that we can chat using a microphone. Any ideas? He tried downloading skype but that has failed (he is getting a message of ‘critical error’). I am just wondering if this is a problem with the school blocking the use of skype on the network….or does he maybe just have a problem with his firewall. Do you have any other suggestions of programs that we can use to chat that will work on Lancaster’s resnet system? Thanks.

  5. I used skype a couple of days ago with Mac OS X, and it worked fine. The previous stable version for Windows, however, did not connect. If your friend is using Windows, there is a new version available that might work.

    The network guys in Lancaster recently allowed SIP to go through the firewall, after much moaning from my part. iChat, AOL Instant Messenger and XLite from should work in theory, but I haven’t tried any of those. Can you let me know if any of these work?

  6. Hey Paddy,
    Hey Guillaume,

    I think you two have a dialoge which is interesting for most if not all foreign students at Lancaster University, their family and their friends.

    I live in Continental Europe and my girlfriend is @ Lancs Uni. As all of you know the phone network on camous charges extremely high prices if we call from abroad.

    So far i don’t know anyone who managed to use a Windows PC on campus to make calls via Skype, MSN, etc..

    So if any of you two found a way to make it work with a Windows PC please let me/us know.

    And Guillaume, if you need support to push the network guys at Lancaster Uni, let me know. I am sure it will not take more than a week and we have at least 300 signaturesto show support for this great idea.

    This would definitely be a big help/money saver for all Lancs studenty who have family or friends abroad.

    Thanks you in advance for your help

  7. Hi,

    I can’t quite see the images, so can’t follow the instructions…is it just me? I am currently using Resnet.

  8. I’ve just had my first video iChat with my daughter. The thing that stopped us before was that within the local network at Lancaster there are not enough IP addresses for everyone to have one. So when you use resnet you just get the next available IP address which will be different each time you use it. They rely on not everyone wanting to use internet at once.
    When I try to invite my daughter to multimedia iChat my computer doesn’t know where to find her. If she, however, tries to contact me, chances are I’ll be on the same network address as before because I’m the only person using it at this location. I would have thought that would make chatting to mates at Lancaster using audio or video well-nigh impossible. But iChat text seems to work differently so that probably works (as does chat in dozens of other apps.). I wouldn’t have thought there would be much demand for audio chat – don’t you get internal ‘phone calls free anyway?

    Anyway, that’s my understanding of the situation. I hope I’ve got it right!

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