My flatmates and the ant infestifation

You have a large ant infestifation [sic]

Anonymous handwritten note – Sarah’s handwriting – left on a sheet of kitchen roll outside my door, where I thought I’d left my bike, in all caps:

To Will:
Stop cleaning under your cupboard, try cleaning inside your cupboard. You have a large ant infestifation
[sic] which is spreading dramatically around the house.

Take action now b4 we have you evicted! (or we are all evicted!)

I went inside the kitchen, took the two lost ants in my hand and put them outside. Twenty minutes later, my bike had been put back where I’d left it.

Small DoS on my Grey Album page

grep -c "" /opt/stereo/stereo/

Oh you minger.

I woke up to this:

/usr/sbin/logcheck: fork: Cannot allocate memory
/usr/sbin/logcheck: fork: Cannot allocate memory
sort: open failed: /var/tmp/logcheck.XXwDiDKY/logoutput/syslog: Too many open files in system


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