How I clean up a Debian system

Debian systems can accumulate a lot of cruft. Fortunately, it is quite easy to clean up your installed packages. Most people would probably be okay with this:

aptitude markauto '~i!~M!~nbuild-essential(~E|~prequired|~sdevel|~sinterpreters|~slibdevel|~slibs|~soldlibs|~sperl|~spython)'

You can then see which non-essential packages are installed with

aptitude search '~i!~M!?essential'

The cat is out of the bag

You might have heard about the IDN spoof thing that has been going around. In short, because of a big company called verisign messing up, you can register domain names that look like other domain names. So to make fun of them, I registered Veriѕ and put up a parody of the website of NeuStar, one of Verisign’s competitors. All this was supposed to stay under wraps until Monday, to give Verisign time to react. Now Joi, ICANN’s gossip queen, sent this around and word got out. Sorry verisign, I intended to give you more time to react.

I am flying over to spend the weekend with the lovely sweet Adeline, packing right now and having dinner with the canoe club in two minutes. I’ll write more about this later, including instructions on how to register your own or domain.