How I clean up a Debian system

Debian systems can accumulate a lot of cruft. Fortunately, it is quite easy to clean up your installed packages. Most people would probably be okay with this:

aptitude markauto '~i!~M!~nbuild-essential(~E|~prequired|~sdevel|~sinterpreters|~slibdevel|~slibs|~soldlibs|~sperl|~spython)'

You can then see which non-essential packages are installed with

aptitude search '~i!~M!?essential'

Chkrootkit finds /lib/init/rw/.ramfs on debian etch

If you have chkrootkit installed on debian etch, you might be getting these messages:

The following suspicious files and directories were found:

This is a bug in initscripts, which puts a hidden file in /lib/init/rw but shouldn’t. Until it is fixed, you can patch chkrootkit to get rid of that message.

Update: Apparently, chkrootkit also stumbles on /lib/init/rw/.mdadm. Adapt the patch as needed.